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Collecting in your sleep...

Just a reminder that if you've bought something from my sales post, I plan to have everything shipped out no later than Tuesday the 19th. (And if I need more time, I'll let you all know.) This gives me time to recover from my upcoming operation as well as time to actually organize and prepare the shipments without rushing myself too hard. A big THANK YOU to those who bought something; it was very overwhelming since it's the first time I've had such a large sales post, but in spite of that I learned a few things to put into practice for future sales of mine. That said, my sales are now CLOSED to allow me time to pull everything together and complete some transactions, but they'll return in a more organized fashion sometime next week.

Now, on to the real point of my post... has anyone unintentionally collected a certain Pokemon?

Basically, all of these guys came as parts of lots and other things I bought (aside from the binder, of course) and I just kept them since I like Manaphy. I never went out of my way to buy said lots because of Manaphy, and yet... ^_^;;; In fact, the upcoming Manaphy kid will be the first thing I'll go out of my way to buy; on SMJ I even bought the newest set of zukan that includes Manaphy and Phione (despite the fact that I mostly got it for the Chatot/Honchkrow capsule; in fact, I like all but ONE of the capsules featured in said zukan set). XD

Pics of my actual Pokemon collections are coming soon, I swear!
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