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Shipped off LOTS of stuff! + Collection updates :D

EVERYONE'S packages went out today that bought from me!! Be sure to let me know when they get there ?

In some other news Im selling a complete set of Fire Red/Leaf Green Bird EXs (Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres) If there is no interest here I'll set it up on Ebay but I figure I would let you guys have at them at first. As of now nothing else there is for sale buuuut....I may take offers?



Suicune and Eevee kids from lineaalba The buneary zukan is a long story but we'er sorting it out ^^; He came a long for the ride in Eevee aparantly >__>


New Eevee UFO plush "Cute n Soft 2005" line. He's about 6 inches and SO incredibly soft.

And that would be it.
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