Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Surprises :D

I'm just making a small collection update. I received two packages today, both full of great surprise freebies :D


First, animarelic sent me all of these cards and stickers as part of a trade. I'm trading my Lv X Torterra for that Lv X Infernape. The extra cards were a big surprise, especially the Rhyperior :D Thank you! Do you have a feedback thread going so I can give you some positive ratings?

I was originally supposed to get 10 holo Mew cards a few days ago, but the seller accidentally only sent 5. After talking it over with them, they realized they messed up, and today I got the other 5 Mew cards from my order, along with some free American promos. I actually didn't have the Pichu and American Pikachu Snap, so that was awesome.

Finally, I'll be expecting THIS at my doorstep in the next few days


DUN DUN DUNNN. My first ever Pokemon booster box purchase :O
OH, and if you ordered anything from my [shop], it'll be shipped out TOMORROW. If you have something on hold and want to get it, now would be the perfect time to pay for your items. I've got like 10-15 packages to send out, haha
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