Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

all sunyshore orders/bell plush etc were mailed before i left and it seems like some arrived already ;D good, good!

all i need now is two runner ups to email me their addresses: the two of you who wanted abra and glaceon.

enshogirl, i charged you that shipping thinking id have payment confirmation before i left, but i did not, so i brought the zukan home...and shipping probably wont cost $2.50 anymore, haha. want a refund or...? what can i do for you? just let me know ;D

scarsofsunlight and juumou, your sunyshore orders arrived safely in my suitcase ;D and junoluver, your mewtwo is here! meaning...

A BEAUTIFUL FOOT TALL ULTRA RARE PIDGEOTTO PLUSH WAS WAITING FOR ME WHEN I GOT HERE. OH HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!! Although I remembered the downside to being in America... my sister grabbed Pidgeotto and ran away with him at top speed squealing (she is 21). I will have photos tomorrow ;D

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND for a whopping FOUR BUCKS i managed to get what will become one of the rarest japanese raichu items in my collection...INFLATABLE RAICHU. so rare i didnt know theyd made one - and i know what theyve made. I KNOW RAICHU.

and thanks to the three of you who listened to my excited ranting about this raichu all week. see, this ended when i was over the pacific, so if i got outbid (Y!J accounts have a limit unless you pay monthly) i solicited three souls to keep an eye on this. if all three of you got up/stayed up to watch, or none of you did, i dont care XD THANK YOU.

look at how amazing.

in other news, i think i accidently sent a gulpin stamp to one of you in sunyshore - OOPS - i am gonna make another bigger post about this but if you got it PLEASE TELL ME... i will pay you to ship it to juumou, who actually bought it.
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