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AP's Collection Post

Hello, all. :3

I've been a member of this community for a while, mostly a quiet lurker-type, although I've bought a couple small things from people here and commented on a few entries before.

I'm Audrey, and I collect Dark-type pokemon stuff, for I am a bit obsessed. Yay, obsession! Umbreon is my absolute favorite, with Tyranitar a veeeery close second. My collection is not very extensive, but it is slowly growing and I love it muchly (which means, no, it's not for sale).

Anywho. MY POKEMANS. LET ME SHOW YOU THEM (and let's hope I don't screw this up posting it, because I do not post to communities much).

Umbreon. It is my favorite. So, of course I had to get the pokedoll. I think it cost me about $30 shipped from eBay.. and then a month later it was for sale on for a heckuva lot cheaper. XD;

Thus far, my only other Umbreon merchandise is this metal dog tag-like thing, that sometimes hangs on my wall, and sometimes I wear.

Tyranitar, bought from amirrorstwin (I think xD). :3 I love Tyranitar. He looks like he's playing an invisible banjo. :D

Houndour pokedoll.

Absol pokedoll! I first saw a picture of this guy in a Google image search, but I never ever saw him anywhere. Not eBay, not any online store. I was convinced he did not really exist. And then he popped up on so I bought him realquickfastlikethis. You know, just in case it was a figment of my imagination or something.

I call this one Big Absol. He's some sort of UFO Catcher plush thing. Got him from eBay for about $30 shipped, which I figured was a decent price (I don't think I've seen 'em any lower than that). I meant to get a better picture of him, but he's currently in storage. ;_;

Jakks Sneasel plush. I kept seeing it on eBay, but his arms look crazy and scare me a little, so I wasn't going to pay silly eBay prices for him. Then I saw him in Target and felt how sooooft he was and could not resist.

Cassidy card from obakehoshi. :3 I'm a big fan of Butch and Cassidy.

I'm not much into collecting Pokemon cards (although I am always on the look out for the VS set that features Karen). But I do have a few.

Houndour and Houndoom.

Nidoking, Tyranitar and Gengar. These (and the next two) are all holo.. or reverse holo.. or whatever the heck you call it I do not know because I am not all that with it.

Lugia and Mew.
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