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No one you know :]

So I finally got some mail today!! I was waiting for 8 things xD (now 6)

The mail I received today was from warandromance! Thank you so much! These cards are so sparkly *_*

I also got mail from goku_the_saru! Thank you again for the Gardevoir EX card! I love it!!

Once the rest of my mail arrives I will take pictures and whatnot to have a collection update post =D! SO hopefully everything else will get here soon ^_^

I am having a sale for the cards I am selling and I also have a few for auction under the cut. (the auction will stay up for a week (or longer, depending), and the sales will stay up until they sell xD)

I have these three Eeveelution cards up for auction. I got them some time ago...But I am trying to slim down my collection (hence all my recent sales posts) to just characters I really want. Soooo these guys are going up for auction because I know somewhere here can give them a better home than me. ^_^

*note: Jolteon has a slight "dent" in its back but nothing major, it's only noticeable if you hold it up to the light

Vaporeon: High bid unowncafe: $4.00
Flareon: Starting bid: $4.00
Jolteon: Starting bid: $3.50

I also have this cute Eevee Card for $0.75 ^^

Everything Below
: Has the prices on the pictures. If you have any question, please ask.

Sold/Traded: Ivysaur

HOWEVER...ANY *10* cards in This Picture are $4.00....Also, all the trainer/supporter/energy cards (outlined in green) are for $2.50!

If you have any question, or what a bigger picture of a card you are interested in...just ask and leave an email address I can send the picture to.

I am only able to accept paypal at this time.

Shipping to the USA/Canada: $1.00
Shipping to the UK/Europe: $2.00
Shipping ANYWHERE else: $2.50

ALSO! The first SIX people to buy anything will receive a free Pokemon (card?) coin with their purchase!
Choose From:
Dialga (x4)

Thank you!!!!
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