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Cards for trade! :D

Warning: This post is VERY image heavy. :D;;

So, I've been going through PokeBeach(I credit them for the images on my wanted cards) looking at cards and figuring out which I absolutely love and was wondering if anyone wanted to do trades? 8D At the moment I am not looking to buy cards, so please no links to where I can buy them. I already know where, and I highly prefer trades.

Dark Jolteon & Roselia, GONE!

Bagon, GONE!

Promo Mew & an extra card thing that came with the Entei promo... Anyone can have that added in with their cards if they want it. xD



These are all my top priority! I neeeed bats and Elekid. ♥__♥

Electrike/Manectric + the lions are Pokemon that I will be starting a collection for shortly, so I'd like their cards to kick it off! 8D
The second page of cards I adore for the art more than the subjects, (except the first row, I need those to complete my collection of Ziggy stuff).

A lot of these are commons, so I'm sure some of you have them, right? D: I'm also fine with non-holo versions of any of those, it really doesn't matter to me. So... let me know what we can work out!
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