regen (regen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Time to celebraaaaaaaaaaate~

Okay, today is the best day ever. I received two packages today, and one of them I've been looking forward to for almost two weeks now. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT ANY LONGER, I'M SORRY.

CHIMECHO OWNS MY COMPUTER. And quite possibly my soul. Oh my god. *___*

I also received this Jirachi Chupa Chup from rocketdraggin, but Chimecho wanted more attention too. :3

Oh, and juumou, I have another picture for the Plush Project for you here! [Banpresto, 2006.] I'm not sure if you have it already or not. Anyway, there'll be more later, but I thought I'd include this will the little guy was in the mood to pose for me. ;D
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