meowthcollector (meowthcollector) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Good morning, friends!

Several years ago I acquired a figure of a Ditto-channeling-Pikachu, pictured below. I'm pretty sure it's a Tomy, but it's in an unmarked box somewhere so I can't verify. It definitely felt like a Tomy, and definitely was not a Kid.

The only thing is, as far as I knew, the Tomy line is only the standard 491 (or whatever they're up to at this point), with only some extra Pikachu and the recent new molds in addition to the core set--never anything specific to the anime, manga, etc. Did Tomy indeed make this Pikaditto, and if so, were there any other little-Ditto-that-couldn't figures, or any other non-standard figures of interest?

Even better, if there's a database/gallery of Tomy figures akin to the Kids databases posted a few days ago, that would be ideal.

Tags: figures, info
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