Naomi (belgian_ink) wrote in pkmncollectors,

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OMG what's this?

Look what arrived at my home today and it arrived quickly too :D!
Me and my bro are very happy with our stuff.

But I had to take pictures with my cellphone, because I couldn't find my dads camera. (I think he took it with him to germany...)

Thanks for the cute pic Gin ^^!

Lets see what's inside!

Hello sudowoodo ^^!

These are soooo big O_O!

My bro is happy with his items :)!

Sudowoodos are not eatable >:(!

Registeel is my brother shoulder-devil.

Then Regice must be the shoulder-angel.

Chou-getto's are Tiny~ But cute :3.

Kids :D!

Porygon-Z approves of photographs.

Watch out for the landsharks!

Blurry Collection pic.

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