staraptor (staraptor) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Let me show u mai kollectiun

Today was a lucky day! I got not one, but two packages that were supposed to arrive the next weak according to my calculations :D

So I decided to take photos only of the pokemon groups that have 3 or more members (except for Pikachus because everyone and their grandma are already tired of them):

BULBASAUUURSSS }:D I wish I could tell which one is my favorite... but it's like choosing between your own children! Just recently I bought batteries for the second big one from left, not expecting it to work at all but to my surprise it reacts to noise and says "dane dane" :D AWWWWW <3 and the bank really works as a bank and has so many coins inside it's heavy as hell. Stickers and pog(?) were freebies, I forgot from who but plz to be having my birdie babies <3

Speaking about birdies:
The plush is so pretty in person, I wouldn't believe. Laminated magnet-thingie is a gift from chrissii :D Other nice people who donated to this little collection are denkimouse and amirrorstwin <3

The bats! I actually wore the badge for a while but I was worried I'll scratch it or it'll fall into the sewer or something and I'll cry :C

Rattata is actually one of my top favorite pokemon, I don't think I ever had a poketeam without the rat. And no, not as a a HM slave. THE BADGES oh I love the art :D but the smaller Raticate has a scary nose. I plan on expanding this collection in the future... but is there something other than Kids (for some reason I don't like how they look, at least in a photos, maybe it's better IRL) and TOMY figures?

Same goes for Paras. I have no idea what's so appealing about him but he's so precious .___.

Sadly this is all I have from Nido family. I got all the tiny figures waaay back from one person here, forgot who. One day when I'll have more money I'll buy myself proper merch of them, Nidos are LOVE.

Now, here's smaller groups from D/P gen:
Get in the car, right now!

Bunnies! Hope they'll make Lopunny plush soon :3

aaand Chatots. Chatot was my first favorite pokemon of 4th generation and I thought it'll stay that way XD silly me.

And that's it! All the other pokemon I have are either orphans or have only one living relative :C

Everything and by everything I mean EVERYTHING EXCEPT the tiny Bulbasaur on the bottom right corner which was found and almost eaten by my dog while we were in park because it was inside of a bouncy ball and my dog loves chewing on them, and the small Shinx plush and Staraptor plush I got from Ebay - everything else I got is from you awesome people from pkmncollectors and I thank you sooo much for that!
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