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a mini collection update + huge sales!

Hello everyone! I hope you are not sick of my updates quite yet.. but I got another couple packages in the mail worthy of an update, as well as some stuff from an SMJ box. :D

Onto yet another update!

(teaser photo)

I got a delicious parcel from rocket_chick ! <3
Her packages are always so full of surprises. ;___;

This was her end of our trade for a sculpture I made her, and I was very pleased! I'm so glad I didn't confine her to a specific theme for the piece.. her own style has really made the Slowpoke line come to life. ^_^
As a general rule, I would say that traditionally hand drawn and colored pieces are way more flattering close-up in person rather than what they look like based on the scans. I can't wait to hang these up. :D

I also got this seal book from her which I won from an auction (it's TINY!):

Guess who? 8D


Close-up of the bros. <3

It features many other lovely water pokemon as well.
I just love how tiny each individual seal is, and how they are all a fairly different style from the rest; it's very unique!

rocket_chick also mentioned she had a surprise for me, and included these:

Closeup of Slowbro!

They are gorgeous gorgeous sticker cards with such original artwork! And they are huge..

Here is my Slowpoke applause plush Ron with the card: 

Here's the back of this one, it's got an adorable little comic: 

Anyway, I was aware that the "surprise" was something from my wishlist, but I had no idea it would be this, out of all things! I saw these cards ONCE sometime last year, and I never really expected to see them around again.. thank you so so much. ;____;

Aaand it seems like I've been getting a lot of lovely flats lately, but they don't seem to get old for me as long as they are unique; this one is far from boring!

A gorgeous thick, quality postcard featuring Slowbro among many other first and second generation pokes! So much character is packed into this.. it's from way back in 1999; I'd imagine these to be very hard to come by!

This is a tissue packet I got from yaoi_queen . I guess I'm crazy enough to buy something with Slowpoke's head on the sidelines. XD
I figured the cute artwork on the tissue pack was good enough of an excuse, either way! 

Next up.. I got this card book from Y!J as well, apparently at a steal! I had no idea how much these are worth or what they were; I was mainly after it for the artwork, but soon learned that it is quite rare.

lol it's a Dugduo
ALSO, the seller even threw in some freebies! Japanese sellers are always so nice..
Everything was in pristine condition; the book didn't seem like it had ever been opened. :O

Here are the cards they came with:

Not a scratch on any of them! They are in sparkly, perfect condition. <3

And the artwork inside the book is adorable as well!

There's also a page about (what it seems to be) fan-made art of pokemon cards:

I just took an intro to Japanese class last semester, so I'm pretty useless at translating. XD
(If there's anything interesting on here, please feel free to translate! :D)

On another note, I have LOADS of stuff added to my sales under the cut; I had a bunch of leftovers from Y!J lots from way back that I haven't posted up until now. There are calendar pages, colouring pages, postcards, handkerchiefs, a clearfile, plush (and MINT in box bell plush); you name it! Come have a look if you're interested. :)


I've never seen such MINT IN BOX bell plush before; even both of the ones I've managed to nab other bell plush before that were in really good condition, but still have minor imperfections such as a crease on the box.

These guys are in IMMACULATE condition; they look like they were just purchased from the store in brand new condition (or very close!); I didn't see many folds or spots on the boxes after inspection, and the plush are obviously in tip top condition as well!

They are all for offer:

Chansey & Poliwhirl Bell Plush

Charmander & Dratini Bell Plush (Butterfree SOLD)

Mini plush! Roughly 3" tall

Squirtle: $3
Poliwhirl: $5

There is a penny for size reference; these guys are pretty small too but are in perfect condition with tush and hang tags attached. :)

Mint with tags plush: 
Pikachu Plush: $5
Turtwig Plush: $3

Squirtle Plush (3"ish): $4
Pichu Plush (4"ish): $5

Mint In Package KEYCHAINS

Bulbasaur: $4
Cubone: $4

Charmander: $5

Charizard & Raichu: $8 OBO

Pikachu/Marill/Togepi bag (brand new, just pulled this out of the plastic!): $4

RARE Postcard (5"x7"ish) featuring Totodile, Pikachu, Marill and Togepi (this is from 1999!): $10 each (there are four total)

LOL engrish. Whoever made this is probably in the middle of writing a romance novel. 8D
Bulbasaur Clearfile: $10

Pikachu & Togepi cloud handkerchief (around 20" - 22"ish): $6

Closeup of print

Handkerchief #2 (18"ish): $6

Colouring Pages:

Horsea/Vulpix colouring sheet: $4
Charmander/Farfetch'd colouring sheet: $2.50

Paras/Butterfree calendar page: $3

Lapras/Pikachu colouring page: $3
Haunter and Clefairy/Dugtrio colouring page: $4

Pikachu Nail Art: $8

I also have some pretty badass calendar pages as well; all of them are 12" x 12"ish, so they're a fair size and would work pretty well as a mini-poster. :)

I am currently taking offers on the bottom row of calendar pages and some of the middle row; the rest are for straight sale. :)

Calendar Page 1 - $5 SOLD

Calendar Page 2 - $5

Calendar Page 3 - $5

Calendar Page 4 - $10

Calendar Page 5 - $8

Calendar Page 6 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 7 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 8 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 9 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 10 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 11 - Make offers please!

Calendar Page 12 - Make offers please!

I'll be taking offers on calendar pages 6-12 until I receive an offer that is reasonable, or until they die down. :)

And lastly, my actual sales post needs major updating, so rather than a sales plug, here are a few things I've reduced the prices on by quite a bit (can be combined with anything else from this post):

Both have tush tags and are mint; the one on the right has both tags: $7 $5 each

Banpresto Bulbasaur Plush (Mint with tush tag): $10 $7
Banpresto Charmander Plush (Mint with tush and hang tag): $15 $10

Cyndaquil Shoulder Buddy Plush (Mint with tags): $22 $15
Cyndaquil Yawarakai Plush: $25 $18

Leather Pichu Plush (Mint with tush tag): $22 $12
Banpresto Yawarakai Pichu Plush: $20 $10

Banpresto Munchlax Plush (Mint with tags): $20  $16

Sandshrew & Sandslash Bronze Metal Collection Figure: $6 each, or $10 for both.

Jakks' Figures (Haunter, Shaymin Land Forme, Regice): $8 $6 each

Rayquaza TFG: $10

Eevee: $10

Totodile: $8
Chikorita: $8

Suicune: $6

Snorlax Thought Bubble Stamp: $7
Chansey Stamp: $4
Jigglypuff Stamp: $7
Psyduck & Pokeball Stamp: $6
Charmander/Bulbasaur Stamp (a little used): $9
Pikachu/Squirtle Stamp: $10


Pokemon Poster with Strawberries, featuring Jigglypuff, Clefairy, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Eevee (by Yumi Tsukirino): $5

Please keep in mind:

I ship from CANADA - anything over 3cm will cost $6 to ship to the US; most things under that $3.50, flats will be $2.50 international and $3 overseas. If you're not sure, ask for a quote, but keep these prices in mind before expressing interest, just so you won't be too surprised.
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