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Greetings from your neighbourhood Psychic

Hey everyone. I'm Psychic, and I have been a Pokémon fan since the earliest days. I've always had a very modest collection - though that is mainly because my parents never really liked me collecting Pokémon stuff, and now that I'm way older they really want me to get out of it, but Pokémon is too awesome to give up!

I joined this community because I recently started collecting a bit again, plus I saw some other people on LJ posting/selling parts of their collections, and I was just completely blown away by some of the things you guys own! And I would LOVE to have a collection of products of all my favourite Pokémon like you guys have. While here I would love to see more of what you guys have, and try to work on collecting some of my favourite Pokémon while selling things I know other people will want more than I do.

For now, though, I'll just post my collection. ^^

Before anything else, just please bear with me as I don't know the official names for most of these products. ^^; I really had to dig around my house for the entire collection, but this ought to be everything!

My favourite Pokémon of all time are Mewtwo, Mew, Scyther, Raikou and Grovyle. Unfortunately, my collections of the above are either very small or nonexistent. I’d love to get more of them, and I hope to while in this community!

But for now, here is my collection.

To start off here are my toys. Notice how they're mostly first generation. XD These were the original dudes that really started the toy crazy, I believe. The first ones I ever owned was Pikachu and Raichu, because one day when I had still just gotten into Pokémon my mother had bought a pack of two toys for me and one for my little sister (she got Eevee and Flareon). A few of them were rescued from my little cousins house many years ago - he used to collect them too, but treated them awfully. So I would rescue them from his house whenever I could. The kid never even noticed their absense - poor, neglected things! Some of them are probably bootlegs - I never knew what that meant until a few years ago, but I care not. XD

My Legendaries! At least of the above toys. Yay Legendaries! The Entei actually came in a box of Pop Tarts, and I just recently got Ho-Oh in a package from this community. The thing they are standing on came with my Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venusaur and had a little background of a Pokémon Center you could slip on. No idea where it is anymore.

And here are all my other toys! The three on the far left I just got while on winter vacation, so they're all the new ones – the Misdreavus came with a Sheildon and Mantyke which I gave to my friends. The Piplup phone charm I just got last week (and is now on my pencil case). Then we just have some random things, including one of the many shooting Pokédexes I used to own (ball accidentally got sucked up while vacuuming ><), the BK Vileplume (had a Tangela I recently threw out while cleaning out my desk ><) as well as a Shiny Hypno pencil topper thingy. Yeeeeaaaah, I don't understand it either.

These are called kids, right? Well along with the Shiny Hypno, my parents bought them and put them on my birthday cake like, seven years ago. XD I was a bit upset because I wanted the figures (like those in the first pic) to be on my cake instead, then some years later I thought they were bootlegs since I had no idea what they were. But after looking around at your collections I have finally figured out that they are kids! ^.^

I recently traded these to another member, actually. The things on the bottom were these interchangeable faces for a digital watch, but alas the watch stopped working so I decided to throw it out years ago. The thing next to them is a Loonie, which is a Canadian $1 coin (for size comparison).

Just got these the other day; I had an urge to get a pack of these and I saw one with Chimchar, Lugia and a secret figure; the Lugia caught my attention. I PRAYED to Mew for a Scyther figure, or at least an Absol or Skarmory but instead I got a silly little Shroomish. XP

My first package from this community! Features my third favourite Pokémon, Scyther, with the Weavile (I really like Sneasel, not so much Weavile, but something's better than nothing!) and Ho-Oh, who is definitely cool. Thanks, sarahpom!

From fernchu! I wanted the Mewtwo phone charm ever since I saw a pic of it, and was sooo dissapointed to find that he was no longer being sold. But in exchange for my Raichu Ex card, she also threw in a promo Raikou card - my fourth favourite Pokémon! :D *isn't even a card person and still loves it*

My plushies! My sister and I each got a Pikachu like that for Channukah ages ago, and the Charizard was probably one of the first Pokémon plushies made. XD Also got the Meowth during my vacation, and my favourite dude ever is the Mewtwo knapsack who I love very very very much and he sleeps with me every night. :D

The original Pokédex which no longer works, a very old Pokémon card holder – not in the best of shapes, but it holds all of my Pokémon cards except Energies and Trainers, though I’m too lazy to show them all to you. Lastly a little thingy in which I keep most of my other cards. It has a little button on the side that makes cards pop out the top. It’s great. XD The little green thing is a charm of a Scyther’s scythe I made over the summer which I wear all the time around my neck for luck. ^.^ (Alas, t’is my only Scyther item!)

My “other” cards. We’ve got your first movie cards, promos and a card from the short in Pokémon 2000. Yayz.

First generation stickers! We got a big bundle of them ages ago, multiple sheets of each thing and whatnot. If you’re wondering why I posted the green sheet twice, look carefully: Voltorb and Electrode’s poses are different! Gasp! I’ve always loved collecting stickers, but I have plenty doubles I’d like to sell. ^^

Other random stickers and cards. Most are from those little sticker vending machines, but the Lapras, Growlithe and Dratini line…I have no idea where they came from. And look – an actual fourth generation thing!!!

All my first and second generation games! Many years ago my mom labelled the Yellow version with my name because I once brought it somewhere (can't peel it off without ruining the label underneath, though). All the games are now mine, though the Gold at the bottom used to belong to my sister. My younger cousin (the one I rescued toys from) gave me a second Gold and Silver version. Both Golds, both Silvers and the Crystal all have dead internal batteries *sadness*.

The little booklets for the older games, my third generation games and the old Pokémon Print SHop: Red Version for the PC. The above-mentioned cousin had also given me a copy of Sapphire which I have NEVER played. No, I don’t own any third or fourth generation Game Boy games (like I said, I don’t play Sapphire), and have never owned ANY handhelp device because my parents didn't like them. I threw in Super Smash Brothers because I felt like it.

All pretty darn old, as you can tell from the fact that it’s all first generation. We’ve got the giant puzzle, two VHS from early in the first season and Mewtwo Returns (which is awesome). I wish I had the Mewtwo Strikes Back DVD, though…

Haha Pokémon books. The second Pokédex book and the Pokémon 2000 “novel” with a bunch of pictures from the movie in it. Yeah, I’m sure that really got a lot of kids to read more. I gave these to my little brother a few years ago. :P

All my Pokémon posters! Still partially folded because they’re too big for one picture. The TCG poster is certainly interesting, as it shows how to build a deck and whatnot, though it never personally helped me. XD Unfortunately, my Pokémon Stadium poster used to hang in my room and was not treated with the utmost care, so its edges are all bent and ripped.
Oh, and also while on vacation I bought a bunch of washcloths, one of which can be seen there. Then I threw them at my friends, and it was fun. One of them didn’t want theirs, though (nothey aren't big Pokémon fans XD) so he gave it back, and now it belongs to my little brother. :P

Speaking of my siblings, these are their collections. I have a younger sister and brother, neither of whom ever really got into Pokémon as much as I did but still have a few items.
On the top are my sister’s toys (the same kind as those in my first picture as she collected at the same time as me) with her Minun plushie, and unfortunately we cannot locate her Pikachu (same kind as I have) or (very old) Eevee plushies. She also used to have a Togepi that turned inside out into an egg, but she thinks she threw it out. XP
On the bottom is my brother’s stuff. On vacation he got that huge D/P marble set, and then he has a Plusle, an old, dirty Pikachu, and then a Pikachu plushie keychain I gave him ages ago that talks when you squeeze it.

Lastly are my magazines – just linking to them so as not to waste space. Only three of them are actual guides (we have another SSB thing up there, though), and the rest are just…well, have a look. Some of them are kind of neat. ^^ - the actual guides, the Crystal version one having come with a guide for the Battle Tower (which I ruined while trying to rip out of the mag) - Beckett, something for Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon 2000, and a French guide to Gold and Silver (with a Pokédex with the names of all the new ones transliterated from Japanese) Nintendo Power magazines with Pokémon games as their cover feature ^.^ - uh, the first two covered the second generation (Japanese) cards, the bottom two feature…Pokémon and Toy Story for some reason, and the red one just had a large feature on Gold and Silver

So yup. That should be every single thing in my collection, not that it’s much compared to some of you guys’. Like I said; I’d really like to expand my collection, and there are some things I would be happy to part with, so hopefully I’ll have a sales post soon. Pretty glad to be here, yup. ^^ Now if only I could figure out how to use Paypal properly…

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