Vulpecula (astralvulpes) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Raikou Stuff!

Updated picture of my Raikou collection - the only things I didn't put in it were cards, or the custom doll I had made, since none of that is here yet in Texas. ;_;


I assembled the gashapon figure, finally - I was scared to death of misaligning the eyes or something like that, but I put them on all right - I just need to coat them with something so the NEVER come off. XD

I still wonder what I am missing from my Raikou collection though, apart from the obvious (my holy grail of Pokemon collecting - the giant doll). I know there is a large keychain thing on Y!Japan right now that I want to get, but other than that, what IS there that I am missing? o_O

EDIT: Eugh, how could I forget the TOMY figure which was sitting on my nightstand? --;

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