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received and question!

daynipp: received the poster and zukan! :DD The desk staff did their best to cram it in my box along with another small item I got, so it was interesting pulling it all out XDDDD
pidgey is so TINNYY ♥ ♥

regen: I don't mean to be a bother, but do you have a date for when you shipped out everything? :0 Just curious.

hee, I also got my bootleg slowpoke in today. :D It.. smells, a little. But only if I put it UP TO MY NOSE and take a whiff. It actually looks pretty good for a boot. They even put all the trademarks on the bottom. :0 only they put ©Nintendo instead of the regular kanji. YOU CAN'T FOOL ME.

I also got my SMJ package yesterday, but my roomie ran off with the camera. My phone doesn't have a camerafeature, so expect pictures later :D I think I may try my hand at whittling a peg for Pidgeot.
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