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Flying-type collection update

daynipp and denkimouse, I got your packages today! <3 The Pidgeotto bell plush was jingling and jangling as soon as I took it out of the mailbox; it's so small, yet so ADORABLE and is the most prized part of my flying-type collection alongside the shiny swallows. :D

With this lack of shelf space, I'm considering kicking all of the non-birds off and placing them in their own special section. LOTS of things are obscured since there's so much stuff. @_@ I can't believe it's grown this big! I have a Hoothoot kid coming in from eBay, but I still haven't set up my Zapdos zukan becase there's nowhere to put it. D:

Yes, that's my placeholder for Staraptor. >___> April, come soon!

Also, not related to the above, but still something I'm ridiculously fond of...

More collection pics (KYOGRE and Buizel, as well as micro-collections of lions and Jolteon) are still due to come!

Since Monday is going to be a US holiday why did I not foresee this packages are back to being sent out on Tuesday for sure. I got packing materials today so everything will be packed and ready to go!

pikaplex and robocoon, are you still interested in the kids? I haven't heard back from either one of you. :/
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