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hello kitty she's ridin her bike

herro collectorsssss
i'm moving shortly, so i'm trying to lighten my moving load. and the extra cash never hurt in moving. soooooo DO YOU LIKE PLUSHES AND OLD MODELS? OH HO, THEN YOU WILL LIKE THIS POST.

plushes for sale

all prices are american dollarz

big (sitting) glameow - 8 $ - called! moonloop! (paid)
big mew - 10$ (sorry  but she was a gift so i feel lousy selling her but space :B) - called!loticae! (paid)
jigglypuff - 10$ (same story as mew) - called! goku_the_saru (paid!)
TINY turtwig - 5$
TINY buneary - 5$
slowking - 8 $ - called! doctorsidrat (paid)
medium turtwig - 8$
slowpoke - 10$ (again...was gift, need box space :B) - called! goku_the_saru (paid!)
darkrai pokemon friends - 8$
mystery dungeon chimchar - 10$
lying down glameow - 8$ - called! moonloop! (paid)
terrycloth mew -  (she's SUPER rare and old and from the 90s sooooo...make an offer)
won! 10$, atomicstoney

WOOO MODELS! these are all really mad hard to find anymore and from the 90s. so like with the mew, make an offer :B i really can't take trades due to the whole moving/space conservation/not knowing my new address yet.

moltres winning bid: 15$, flag
mew winning bid: 10$, unowncafe
zapdos winning bid: 23$ kamacazizero (paid!)

yes i will ship round ye olde world, and paypal is really your best bet here. first come first serve, cept for the make-an-offers which i will end off on sunday (EST).
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