regen (regen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update/Upcoming Sales Preview!

I received a few packages this week. One from denkimouse, and a couple others from assorted places. It's been a good week! I've included some new Jirachi items, as well as a few gifts I received yesterday for Valentine's Day. :3 There's also a preview of some kids figures I hope to make available to the community sometime soon, including some clear Eeveelution figures. ^__^

Groudon and Charizard were Valentine's Day gifts from my other half. ♥ I'm not a huge fan of either in them in-game, but they're very cuddly in plushie form, all cute and chubby-like.

The Sandshrew bell plush! He's tiny BUT SO FREAKING ADORABLE OMG. *___*

And my Jirachi plush collection continues to grow.

A new Jirachi figure!

I found these two in some booster packs today. I'm quite fond of them. *sparkle sparkle*

And finally, some kids figures I have that I'm not interested in hanging on to. The Eeveelutions are clear figures. It's not the greatest picture in the world but I took it last night while I was in a rush. If you're curious about a specific figure, ask and I'll provide a picture of the figure by itself. I'm not sure of the demand for these, so I'm waiting a bit before posting them here for sale. If some of them are extremely popular, I might auction them off instead to make it fair. Anyway, they're all in really good condition but I don't think I would enjoy them nearly as much as some of you might. :D
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