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juumou - I got your package! I squeed at the little bobblyhead Plusle--it's so tiny! X3 I'm in the process of sketching out your commission~ ♥

To... whomever sold me the Bunnery and Gyarados kids - I got those, too! Sorry, I'm really terrible with names... and the fact that I've bought so much stuff from here this past week, well... it's a bad combo. XD;

shindow_kitsu - I still haven't gotten that holo Mew card from you. D: What happened?

OH! And to those who bought cards from me last week, I haven't had a chance to send those out yet. Sorry for the wait. ;3; I should have them sent out by Monday at the latest.

By the way, there's still some cards up for grabs, if anybody else is interested.
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