Raine/Neidus Bluetip (bluetip_echelon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Raine/Neidus Bluetip

Small Pathetic Selling Post X3

Hai everyone =D

Okay so i went through my Poke packing box tonight and i found a few more things to put up..i'd really like these fellows to go to good homes so if you're interested please take a look and let me know!

I didn't want to part with some of them but i did realize i want to focus on my other collections and give these guys a better place ^-^

x-posted to pokemon

I dont sell things on a regular basis but if this helps, here's the link to my Ebay feedback score just to give you an idea of my current reputation since i dont have an actual lj page with feedback. Some of em i'm not too sure what to sell for so i'm open for suggestions :x


If you'd like more pics or have any questions, I can be reached at bluetip13@hotmail.com or on my lj :3

For shipping i'm going to wait until i have a bigger load and go to the post office to get exact shipping quotes for specific locations so things dont get messy X__x Most things i can send in small bubblewrap envelopes since there's nothing breakable i'm selling.

Also i have other stuff i really need to get rid of before moving so if you're interested just take a look X_X


Got these back in September and was a gift for someone but needless to say, it never got to them :/
DVD reference for size comparisons. Would really rather sell it as a set D:

Pokemon Cards

Flareon card sold!!

Ludicolo Figure BNIB!

Poliwhirl figure w/ heavy marble ball inside his butt xD

PokeKids! $2.50 each. I realized i had a double Golduck so his twin needs a home now D: Diglett Sold!

A bit loved PokeKids w/ some marks on the back...Really need a good home D: $1.25 Kadabra Sold!

BNIB Marbles...okay this is a bit bizarre and STUPID of me. I opened the package very carefully with an exacto knife because i wanted that Munchlax marble (durr hurr) and after i went through my box i had found the exact same marble in my ziploc bag full of..marbles. SO, it's still brand new but stupid me opened it ;~;

D/P Croagunk Figure BNIB

Aipom + Meowth Figures --Keeping Groudon since that's the reason i got the package XD I didn't want to open it unless i knew someone else might want the other figures because i just wanted Mr. Groudon.
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