obakehoshi (obakehoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

CoroCoro promos yay!

I got my Scyther bell plush from denkimouse and my Scyther card/zukan from happyjolteon today! I loved the "I AM SCYTHERRR" doodle on the bell plush package and it is totally being added to the Scyther collection. XD

Now if only I could find the stupid memory card USB reader so I could share my pics of the plush + rest of the Scyther army. Hopefully I shall find it soon.

Aside from Scyther merchandise, I recently made the goal of collecting the entire Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 sets of the TCG. I received a minor holy grail of the set in the mail today by snagging mint/near-mint condition cards of eight of the twelve CoroCoro promos released for the Gym series.

Scans of my actual cards:

Also pictured is my new Scyther Topsun card, which I am insanely proud of because I have actively looked for it (without knowing what it was called) for almost ten years and had given up hope. The seller I bought the promos from threw the Topsun in for free and I seriously squealed in glee.

Now, I just need Brock's Mankey, Misty's Tentacool, Giovanni's Nidoking, and Koga's Ninja Gym to finish off the promos. After that, it's time to find Imakuni's Doduo. -.-'
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