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Collection Weeding Sales

So, if you know me you know I am obsessed with the Hitomoshi Line and have waaay too many customs of him in my collection... and well, I have no room! I really need to make room for them, so I'm going to be selling and offering these guys new homes. They do nothing but sit on my shelf and get dusty, when I know they could be making another collector happy. C':

Included are customs pokedolls of Ariados and Chiraamy made by glacidea  and slothyshroom , a Rayquaza lot, Zorua plushes, and a Charizard Zukan!



+ I got sales permission from Gin sometime in May. D8 Forgot the date! Though this is my first sales not with customs, so if any of my prices seem too high please help me correct them. <3

+ I live in the US, and I have three cats in my home. My collection is held high from their reach, but it's a warning just in case. <3

+ I have a full time job, so please be patient. I love to ship as soon as I can, but please understand~ I will always keep you updated if delays happen!

+ Paypal only please

+ Yes, I will ship internationally.

+ I have the right to refuse to sell to someone, and backing out of orders will result in negative feedback.

+ You're welcome to haggle, but please be reasonable and don't be offended if I reject your offer. <3

+ Pictures taken from camera phone! Sorry for the blurs!



Larvitar Line: $7 (Has all pegs, base. New condition) - SOLD

Charizard Line: Offers start at $25 (Missing pegs, includes base. New Condition) - Highest offer is $85


Spheal: $10 (Slightly loved, but squishably cute! No tags at all.) - SOLD

Chikorita: $15 (New Condition, tush tag only.)

Tiny Zorua: $10 (Mint with tush and hang tag.)

Big Zorua: $20 (Mint with tush and hang tag.) - or have the mini Zorua added with him for $25~



Ariados - SOLD

slothyshroom  made Chiraamy: $30OBO (Brand new condition - I love him but I know someone collecting him could love him more ;A;)



All are in new condition, and each are $2 except the clear Dratini which is $5.



Chess Piece, Mini cot, and stamp all currently offered at $15

Zukan offer: $25

Other items: Offer away~


Suicune Magnet: Offer away~

Rare Ho-Oh Soup Figure: $8 (Brand new, super cute!) - SOLD

Thanks for looking and please help me give these guys some new homes! ;A;


Tags: ariados, charizard, charmander, charmeleon, chikorita, custom, dratini, gen5, ho-oh, larvitar, plush, pupitar, rayquaza, seel, spheal, suicune, tyranitar, zukan
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