Rock Mafia (lazer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rock Mafia

Mr. Clean + additions!

Okay, after hearing about how Mr. Clean does come to save the day, I thought I'd test it out on ol' Lugia.

"Boo-hoo, so dirrrty >':"

Off with the tag!
His wings and belly are the worst. I don't know how many owners he's had before me, but they did a number on him.


YAAAY, the extra colors are gone! He just needed a good bath too |D; I didn't take many pictures, because his wings still have that.. plastic problem with it. I don't think that's Mr. Clean's specialty though. BUT HIS BELLY IS COLOR-FREEEE! Along with other parts of him that were scuffed :D The undersides of his wings are clean, too.

I also managed to whiddle up some pegs for Pidgey n Co, so now they're awesome 8DDD I even used Mr. Clean on them after the photo, so any little scuffs you see on them are GOOOONE~

I Think I've accidentally started collecting posters with Slowpoke on it, as well. 8D;; I'm so glad they actually exist <33 You can't really go on an auction site and look for slowpoke posters XDDD

Does anyone else have a poster with him on it? :0 SHOW ME THEEEM.


Also, here is my favorite new charm in the whole wide world ;w ;

'98 Japan Pokemon Center, it's so cute and it jingleeees <33

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