einbroch, the city of steel (einbroch) wrote in pkmncollectors,
einbroch, the city of steel


Another Target update from DR! At our last adventure to Target, DR discovered giant Palkia plushie on sale for ridiculously cheap amounts of moola!

This time.. we find more discounted goodness. :D

They were about $5.70 each! Half off from the original price, basically. I suspect that they'll go down further if you wanna risk the chance of them disappearing. There were two Palkia and one Dialga at my Target. So, in making up for not getting the Time Pony last time, I figured I'd get this one.

(I also got a Zangoose and Weedle TFG 8D; )

I think I'll share my TFG, too.. since I dunno. I feel like making you guys annoyed. 8D

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