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I usually don't  take a lot of pictures of my collection because I'm dang lazy and we have a gawd awful camera at home which only work half of the time...the battery compartment doesn't shut properly sometimes.  Anyway, long story short, I was really sick about a week ago and sort of self-grounded myself at home so I don't infect anyone and basically had nothing to do at home.  So yea, I decided it was time to take pictures of my collection.  By the way, I decided to slow down on purchasing any more stuff because I spent way too much already and thought it was a good time to post my collection.

Anyways, here's my modest collection.  It's pretty small in size because I don't collect any Kids, small figures, gashapons, plushies etc.

Jumbo Tomy PVC of Entei, Suicune, Raikou 

This is probably my most prized figures out of my entire collection.  Mainly because it took the longest to acquire and are the most expensive.  At first I thought Entei was from another set because it was quite bigger than Suicune and Raikou. According to the Pokedex,  Entei is that much bigger than the other two.

Hasbro action figures - Lugia, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres 

So happy when I got all 3 birds.  I think they may be a UK/European exclusive because I don't remember seeing them in stores over here. Or maybe I just didn't notice them at the time....  Articuno shoots ice beam from its mouth and Zapdos and Moltres shoot projectiles from their wings.  Lugia roars when you pull one of its fin and move its wings when you pull its foot down.  You can also open and close Lugia's mouth.

Hasbro action figures - Groudon, Rayquaza, Kyogre

These were my first Pokemon figures ever. Weird huh? Groudon moves its arms and legs and shoots a projectile from its mouth.  Kyogre moves its flippers and shoots a projectile from its mouth when you push down the button on top.  Rayquaza twirls the bottom half of its bottom when you wind it up and push the arm.

Bandai Darkrai figure kit - Jakks Palkia and Dialga action figures 

Got Darkrai from happyjolteon. Darkrai was fun to build and don't you love its funny legs?  Palkia's shoulders light up when you press the top of its head and Dialga's front armour light up when you push it.

Tomy Jirachi - Mew Burger King -  Jumbo Tomy PVC Celebi 

I never thought I would ever see, much less own, a figure of Jirachi so I was really happy when  regensold it to me. <3 Got this cute figure of Mew from juumou    Lastly, I purchased this Celebi from a seller on Ebay.  I think it's pretty rare because I've never seen this particular figure before. It even glows in the dark.  Jumbo Tomy PVC Mewtwo - Mewtwo Burger King  Similar picture as above except Mewtwo is in this one.  I got the Tomy Mewtwo from  [info]pheonixxfoxx and the BK Mewtwo from juumou

Tomy Deoxys action figure 

Got this off Y!J at a nice price but after SMJ and shipping fees, I sort of wish I didn't get it. >_> Notice the size comparison between the box and my monitor? Yes, it's really that big.  It comes with extra tentacles so you can change it to its alternate form.  The center chest also lights up but I didn't get a chance to try it out yet. It's still in its box because I have nowhere to put it. T_T


Received the Clamperl family and Aerodactyl from kiraras_lemonI got the Buizel line, Mantine line, and Manaphy zukan from a seller on Ebay.  I got the Electubuzz line and Seadra line from a seller from the community but can't remember who.... 

Giratina Zukan -  Just bloody awesome. Although a bit small compared to my Dialga and Palkia. I can't wait for its Tomy Battle Action figure. <3

Tomy Lucario - Tomy  Ampharos - Bandai Absol - Jumbo Tomy PVC Dragonite - Tomy Vileplume, Gloom, Chansey, Slowbro 

Lucario and Absol were purchased from Ebay.  I got Ampharos and Dragnoite from kiraras_lemon    The rest were feebies and came from  [info]kiraras_lemonas well. Thanks!

So yea, that's my whole collection minus a couple sealed Zukans and Kids because I plan to sell them soon.  Anyone notice a trend in my collection?  If you guessed "Legendary" then you're right. XD I admit it's a pretty stupid reason for a collection but I love legendaries! ( I don't use them in games, however)  So yea, I'm still looking for figures of the Regis and Manaphy.  The difficult thing is finding large figures of them... I think I might have to settle for Zukans of the Regis.

Hoped you enjoy my collection. :)

My whole collection in all its glory.  Yea, it's currently a mess as I need more space to display them all. XD 

P.S: Can a Ho-oh zukan please fall out of the sky and onto my lap? XD
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