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Custom auction! And stickers!

 Hi again everyone!  I'm on a roll with these posts lately. XD (even though this is only my second one in however many days, but still!)

Firstly, if you bought something from me before 3 pm on Thursday, your item has been shipped!  If you bought afterwards, it should be in the mail on Monday. :)

Next, I have another addition to my sales...

Click the image or here to get to my shop!

Googly-eye Pokemon stickers!!  I'm sorry to those of you who already bought things from me the other day... I completely forgot to post these. D:
They are 1.5'' in diameter and printed on high-quality glossy sticker paper.  Some of these guys only have one remaining in my current stock, so hurry up and claim them before they're gone!
There are also plenty of other things like the old card booklet, some figures, and my Unown pins still available.

Lastly, I've got an auction!  Specifically for this:

Vulpix figure!
Some specs: She was sculpted out of Sculpey and painted with acrylic paints.  After drying, a few layers of Sculpey glaze were applied so she is very shiny.  She's a little over 2.5 inches tall and about 4 inches long.  NOTE: Shipping should not be too bad on her since she is pretty light for a sculpture.  Her body consists of a lot of tinfoil. :)

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 10/13/10.

Bids start at $13.

Bid increments of at least $1.
No sniping, be nice, follow the comm. rules, etc.
Payment must be made within 24 hours of auction end or I will leave negative feedback.

Auction ends next Sunday, November 21st at 10 pm EST.

Feel free to ask questions and whatnot.  I will post a reminder about the auction a few hours before it's over.  Happy bidding!
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