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Tins GA, 2nd payment post! Also sales.

Shipping from Japan to me for the tins was a doozy. 8'D So I think we're going to do the more standard three payments this time. Time for payment number two of three!

kazmalop, I'm still waiting on your first payment! Info for the first payments are here.

This is pretty easy. Everyone's payment is $7.30, which comes to $7.91 after fees.

Please send your payments to kookygal88(at), with "Tins Auction, Payment #2" in the note.

There will be one more payment after this!

ambertdd Paid!
buttribbons Paid!
caffwin Paid!
first_mate_kate Paid!
kazmalop Paid!
kiiyame Paid!
kylie_fanatic Paid!
noctowl100 Paid!
rachelled Paid!
snowball21 Paid!
stormfaerie Paid!

On the bright side, I am in a good mood today, for my amazing clear Linoone kid who I forgot to take a picture of but will later arrived on Friday!

The SMJ box it came in was full of other stuff!

Auctions and sales ahoy :) (Warning: Very image heavy!)

Sales/Auction Policies
-I accept Paypal only right now.
-All prices in USD.
-Please make sure to include your username and what you bought in the paypal note :D
-I ship on Fridays.
-I ship from Canada! If you need a quote, please ask before agreeing to buy the item.
-As such, sometimes things take a little longer to get to you. Don't worry, it's on it's way!
-If there is anything wrong with your item when you receive it, please let me know! But if it is uninsured, I am not responsible for lost or stolen items in the mail.
-No deleting bids! This is against comm rules, I get all comments in my email so I can see if you've deleted it, and will result in a negative. Just do not bid on something if you cannot pay for it :(
-No sniping! Any bids left in the final ten minutes of the auction will be extended by ten minutes, and will continue to do so until ten minutes have passed with no bids.

--I can't trade for auction items XD But I am constantly on the lookout for HG/SS dex charms! Specifically:
Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot (Any!)
Chinchou/Lanturn (just one or the other)
Zubat/Golbat (just one or the other)


Type-themed pencil cases! - Absolutely gorgeous, colouful cases adorned with Sugmori artwork. These are quite old and rare!

Each case starts at $10.

Auctions will end on Saturday, November 6 at 11:59 EST.

No bidding until I get threads up, please! Bid away!

Current High Bids

Water/Rock/Ground - peeche00, $18
Grass/Flying - jchance1986, $28
Fire/Bug - sorcererhuntres, $30
Normal/Psychic - honestboris, $20
Electric/Poison - matto, $18

More views:

Each case has a cute type chart on the bottom! Note that the Fire/Bug case's ring has opened, looks like it is probably repairable though :)


Pencil case container - Contains every Pokemon up to 151, I think? Mew is on one of the tabs :) I'll accept offers on this one starting at $15.
View of the top/bottom here!

High offer - firebomb, $15

Piplup/Croagunk Pokedoll charms - Best offer, starting at $10 each. Please reply to the last offer!

High offers
Piplup - None
Croagunk - korth, $10 Sold!

Rare Volbeat Pokemon Center metal keychain - $10

Long erasers - Old Amber eraser also features Dome and Skull fossils!
$3 each
All sold!

GBA keychain - $4 Sold!

Dialga/Palkia coin purse - $2
Dialga/Palkia tin keychain - $3
Dialga keychain - $1

Chimchar sound drop - Still has battery stub, not tested - $3
Sitting Pikachu metal pin - $3
Pikachu charm - $1

Lotad metal pin with Pokeball case - $3
Sold: Deoxys

Pencil set - $1
Large Minun/Plusle patch - $3
Pikachu patch - $1

Can badges - $3 each
Sold: Bidoof

MIP Pokemon Center Sneasel pin - $20 Sold!
MIP Pokemon Center Cyndaquil pin - $22

MIP 151 badges (US) - $8 each
Kadabra sold!

Articuno Pokemon 2000 metal pin - $10

Keychain tin - $4

Pokemon Center Flareon candy tin (no candy included) - $15 Sold!

HG/SS Johto Dex Wigglytuff charm - $5
All others sold!

Mamoswine - $6 Sold!
Piloswine - $4
Granbull - $5 Sold!

Bellsprout battle coin - $1 each
Victreebel battle coin - $2

Bellsprout Battle Museum - $1 Sold!
Bellsprout Full Color Stadium - $1 Sold!
Weepinbell Full Color Stadium (acid attack) - $1 Sold!

Weepinbell Full Color Stadium (normal) - $1 Sold!
Victreebel Full Color Stadium - $2

Type-themed pencils - 50 cents each, or one free with any purchase!


Extra evolutions on the bottom view.
Sold: Snorlax (x1), Gengar, Beedrill, Weedle

Extra evolutions on the bottom view.
Sold: Charizard, Rattata, Nidoqueen, Oddish

Extra evolutions on the bottom view.
Sold: Fearow, Dratini

Sold: Tauros

Shiny things! - I think these are caps for the pencils? One free with any purchase.

Pokemon 2000 metal pins
All of the following pins are $2 each unless noted! You can buy a full, MIP set for $8 if it has not been opened.

Set 2: Meowth, Persian, Vileplume sold!

Starters flats! - Gorgeous, and big! About 10 cm wide, great for display! - $1 each

*I have doubles of a few of these flats, so even if you see one sold feel free to ask :) I don't have a list but I have them all here and I can check easily.

Espeon, Mareep, Flaaffy - $2
Wooper $1

All $1 each

All $1 each

Beasts, Ho-oh - $2 each

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