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Holo selling!

I just joined this community a few weeks ago, but wow. It makes me wish I had all my Pokemon things with me! I'll be taking a picture when I get home, but currently I'm tight in space in my little dorm room. What I DO have with me is my card collection, my pride and joy. I know I posted it a bit ago. But today I have an intent to sell a lot of my stamped holos and reverse holos. Pokemon is an expensive habit haha...

The first little fellow is my only damaged card, the rest for sale are mint, I care deeply for my cards and I protect them well. This little guy came to me second hand. He's holo stamped, but clearly scuffed up bad, you can have him for just 25 cents!

These are all my common holo stamped cards and reverse holos. I'll let them go for $1.00 each. At the top, those first four are actually stickers that are "holo" all the way through. There's a little hole at the top of them as the previous owner stuck a tack through them to hang them up. I'll let those got for 75 cents each.

My uncommon reverse holos/stamped cards. 1.50 each except Golduck. The Golduck is... a little strange. I don't know what he's from but he's a really flashy holo with a small medal looking stamp on the right corner. The back is a normal American Pokemon card, I don't know if it was a promo or something, but I've never seen a card like that before. Apparently he's from the "Legendary Collection" Thanks candycafe! He's going for 2.00.

Finally my rare holos. The Entei is the promo one from movie 3, I have about a million of them so I want to get rid of one he's only 2 bucks. The rest are 2.50 each.
Oohh I got this guy the other day but I don't really care for Murkrow, so I was hoping to sell him for 12$.

With any purchase you get a random freebie sticker from my new sticker book woo! (I might have a sticker that matches the Pokemon on your card, in which case I'll likely include it. But you could also give me some suggestions of Pokemon you like and I'll stick that one in there if it's available) Below is also my laptop covered mostly in the stickers from the book.

Unless you get a lot of cards, shipping is just a dollar anywhere and 50 cents in the USA, since these are pretty easy to send..

Paypal is my preferred method of payment, my paypal is
BUT I will trade, Pikachu and Mew are my Pokemon most interested in collecting. Though I doubt anyone would want to trade for those.. I'll have a pic up later of what I'm missing/want.
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