emma bofemma (gl4x) wrote in pkmncollectors,
emma bofemma

Small gets and rearranging!

I'd say my favourite part of my collections is arranging them and whatnot :B SO after some gets I got today, I decided to do just that. HOORAY! Plus, small gets~

My gets are indeed Weevy. The two kids figures, keychain and bigger weevy figure! Kids are from the always lovely Larvitarscar, and I forgot who the figure and keychain are from argh I'm a horrible person, I usually write it down D:! But THANK YOUUU both of you :D

Weavile is now manly enough to have his own place on the top shelf. I srsly need a Weavile pokedoll in my life to fill up the empty space.

This is where my random pokes reside now. Charizard is constant rage. RAAAAAAAAGE. They chill with my mini Gazette poster. :B I need more Zorua's. 

TEENY UPDATE BUT OH WELLS I'm still waiting on any news of my Lati attack kids, who have been missing for a month now ;__; I think I'm just going to have to say they've been lost in the mail and search out some new ones to buy. Arrrghhh frustrating D:
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