alinaquil (alinaquil) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trolololo it's finall pay day and wants

Well like before, it's pay day for me so right now I'm like itching to buy some stuff for my Pokemon collection. I swear I'll make a collection update soon-I'm a busy college student.

Well first off, the main item I'm looking for is Kids figures for The Cyndaquil, Houndour, and Piplup lines. I already got a Cyndaquil kid so any others for the evo lines is good enough. Keep in mind I'm very cheap so most likely I'll buy the unboxed kinds since I put all my collectibles on my selves outside their boxes.

Next is Tomys-yeah I love Tomy. Now last month I got Tomys for the Legendary Birds and some of the Kanto Pokemon. Well now I'm looking for Tomy from the Kanto, and Johto lines since the ones I got are bootlegs and I'm planning on giving my bootlegs to my little cousin for his birthday around Thanksgiving.

So anyone who's reading this, would you please link me to any shops you know so I can browse around. Thank you ^^
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