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BW Plush, sticker and PokeKiosk update!

Hello everyone! I recently returned from Seattle Washington and did alot of shopping while I was there! Upon my return I also received a few packages from some of you!

Here are 3 new starter plush! I like the pokemon Center ones the best. I am much happier with their quality and softness~ I like the Shopro Tsutaja's snout more than the Pokemon center plush but the Shopro's tail is kinka limp compared to the Pokemon center version.

I recently purchased these saurs from iamdish! They are an excellent addition to my collection! I need to rearrange before I post them all!

My girlfriend surprised me buy buying me this artbook/ wheres waldo book of the original 151! I love the art in this! Very nostalgic~

At the same store, I found this DS and Wii book with lots of Kirby and Pokemon BW related stuff in it! I discovered at the end of it were a ton of stickers~ I gave some to my gf and I don't know know what to do with the rest! They are awesome~

These are all purchases from the Northgate mall in Washington at the demo Pokemon Kiosk they have there with a touch Pokedex and demo of Pokemon games for the wii! I picked up a Mew figure for my gf and she got the Flareon as a gift :) My friend works for this and they hope to open Pokemon shops if these Kiosks do well! Buy from em if you see em :)

This is my current Tsutaja collection! I also have the Pokemon Center Tsutaja. I gave one as a gift to my gf's sister for her bday. All of these were purchased from Sunnyshore with the exception of the new BW OST which I purchased from PlayAsia! I can't wait for the new Smuglord and Tsutaja Pokedoll!

My gf gave me her awesome Blastoise! She was a lil reluctant to give it up but decided that she wanted me to have it~ He's awesome!

I'll be sure to post all my saurs sometime soon with a better setup! Thanks for checking out my post!
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