Raine/Neidus Bluetip (bluetip_echelon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Raine/Neidus Bluetip

A Question And A Question :3

Hai everyone,

Okay so i told someone a couple days ago that i had substituted my zukan pegs (which did not come with my brand new Mantyke/Mantine zukan set) for toothpicks xD

I'm wondering if anyone else has a better idea of what to use? As you can see, they're a bit...swayed and wobbly. They hold up just fine but i wish they were sturdy and completely upright so if anyone has any thoughts or ideas...please feel free to share XD

Oh and i never do this but i figured i'd ask since i've been on these communities for quite some time now and everyone's just so nice...i'm in a bit of a rutt and was wondering if there might be anyone out there who could possibly purchase an Amazon gift certificate for me -__- It seems all my resources are out of town and my stepmom's birthday is on Tuesday and since it seems we've been doing electronic b-day gifts this year, well i'm in dire need of a gift certificate. I can send over $20 through Paypal right away but i really need someone to help me purchase the gift card ;__; Preferably in Canada but either way it's fine if anyone can help...so please let me know and it'd be truly appreciated! Thank you to the kind soul who can help me ;~;
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