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Shipping update, and Umbreons for offer!

All packages have been mailed except if you paid with an e-check, and except for origamigryphon's soundtrack. These will go out later this week!

In the meantime, I have two rare umbreons up for offer:


On the left is a MWT canvas umbreon in perfect condition, and on the right is a Yutakayumi custom.

More details are below the cut!

First, policies:

I accept payment only by paypal - no e-checks, please. Items will be shipped within 1-1.5 weeks. Payment is due within 24 hours unless you make previous arrangements with me.

I will accept offers until Saturday, November 6th at 10PM, however if I receive a good offer before that, the offers will stop immediately.

Please give offers in the appropriate thread!


RARE NWT Canvas umbreon in PRISTINE Condition - Offers start at $40!


Yutakayumi umbreon plush: Made of soft fleece (not sure what the blue is, but it's not fleece), weighted gently with PVC beans. The head can turn, and this plush can be positioned somewhat (you can lay the legs slightly differently.) Truly a gorgeous plush in PRISTINE condition. I paid $70 him a few years ago - Offers start at $60!

Please note, whereas Yutakayumi has beautiful work, I discourage anyone from commissioning her, as she does NOT have a good track record for commissions.

Going offline - will respond to comments later!
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