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sales update and some gets!

Yay SMJ box today \o/ and ebay stuff AND comm purchase! xD

Drag pic to address bar for bigger pic ^_^

Shinx mini "pokedoll" bootleg from ebay

Pichu mini "pokedoll" bootleg from ebay

Cyndaquil kid!

Misdreavus zukan!

Sheeps zukan!

and now the best part!  FAIRIES.

Cleffa zukan! =D

Clefairy planner thing. this thing  is ADORABLE. The pink clefairy is made out of foam andddd....

It detaches and is actually a keychain! =O

I took pics of the inside ^_^ to show off all the pokemon featured.. and it's just cool.
This is a personal information page and stickers

First divider tab

I think these are meant to jot down notes

Second divider tab

The "planner" part - boxes labeled with each day of the week

Third divider

Address book xD

The back page, also made out of foam

If anyone has more information about these (were more pokemon made? etc) pleaseeee let me know.

And a new updated pic of my zukan cabinet =)


Anything that doesn't have a price I have no idea what to price it at xD Any help is appreciated~
Tags: collection, sales, zukan
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