Stephy Wolf (stephy_wolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Stephy Wolf

One of those boring intro topics

Hi everyone! I've been stalking around here on and off for quite some time, and finally found the join button (Live Journal and I don't get along too well).
In any case, my name is Stephanie and mostly I collect plushies though I want to add some kids and Zukans eventually.

Sorry about low picture quality, but I don't have a camera other than the one on my phone

Preorder Lugia and Giratina figures, talking Eevee, and talking Pikachu.

KFC Vulpix, beany Meowth, and the other Meowth... He's got a pouch in the back. I think he had candy once upon a time ago when I got him. Not really sure what he is.

The D/P/P starters! And Raichu!

This guy is my favorite though. Awww Eeevee.

Not pictured: 2 bean bag Pikachus, and another pouch plush of Bulbasaur.

Mostly I try to collect my favorites, but it's slow going it seems.
As far as my grail... I really want the complete canvas collection of Eeveelutions but they are so very expensive when they show up it seems.
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