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The laziest over achiever you'll ever meet

This is now a sales post


Now its time for some regular sales! I visited nintendo world yesterday and grabbed a very small number of the new pokedolls for you guys!


-please comment with items you'd like to purchase and your zipcode and I will give you the total with shipping
-I can hold items for 24 hours
-I only accept paypal at this time
-I can ship international; I ship from New york, USA

pokemon nov2010
Brand new pokedolls from the nintendo world store!

Raikou: $24 SOLD
Arceus: $22 SOLD
Spiky eared pichu: $20
Suicune: $24 (1 available)
Entei: $22 SOLD
pokemon nov2010
Japanese minky release pikachu, used good condition: $18
Japanese minky release pachirisu, used good condition: $18
New MINKY US release Lugia: $20
Japanese release Arceus, used good condition: $18 SOLD

pokemon nov2010
New US release DX turtwig pokedoll: $45
Giant laying squirtle: $50
New US release DX Chimchar pokedoll: $45

pokemon nov2010
DX Chansey, like new, no hangtag: $23 SOLD
DX Contest Buneary, like new, w/tags: $20
DX aipom like new, no tag: $18 SOLD
pokemon nov2010
Tomy fuzzy pikachu: $8
Fleece piplup, loved, no tags: $5 SOLD
Large tomy chimchar: $15
Tomy squirtle: $5 SOLD
Tomy poliwhirl: $3 each 1 left! HOLD
pokemon nov2010
Big eyed chus: $5 (2 available, different releases?)
pokeball chu: $3
sleepy chu: $5
Christmas ball chu (jingles!) $10 SOLD
Pika and marril log: $18
pikachu friends: $1 SOLD
pokemon nov2010
Pikachu strap: $2 SOLD
Manaphy: $5 SOLD
Darkrai: $5 SOLD
Plusle Purse: $10
Lickylicky: $8
Cleffa: $5 SOLD
Turtwig pouch(clasp is slightly chewed): free with purchase SOLD
Blissey, squirtle, chikorita friends: $3 each

pokemon nov2010

sleeping pachirisu: $15
Pichu: $8
Manaphy (damaged jewel): $2 SOLD
Minky piplup: $25
Azelf: $5 SOLD
Chimchar: $10 SOLD
pokemon nov2010
These kids $5
SOLD: Meowth, purugly, honchrow, clefable
pokemon nov2010
These kids $3
SOLD: meganium, drifblim, gastly
pokemon nov2010>
These kids: $2
SOLD: porygon z, weavile,wobbuffet,octillery
pokemon nov2010>
These kids: $1
SOLD: mespirit, cherubi,buneary,cleffa,

These pokemon have fought in some rough battles, and hope to finally go home to a place where they won't have to kill or be killed anymore:pokemon nov2010
Buneary (no nose,otherwise mint): $10
Really loved Mime jr. pokedoll: $4
One armed Blissey: $8

Everyone is now welcome to these items as well!:
pikachus, piplup, chimchar: $1
blaistoise, chimchar pillow: $2
plush pokedex "case" $5

SOLD: pikachu next to chimchar pillow, pokedex
HOLD: far left chu, shiny chu, blaistoise
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