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SlothyShroom Website Launch! And new Gets~

Hey all!
Its about time I released my collection website!!!!! 

I introduce you to my collection website-SlothyShroom!!!

It has taken me many months to FINALLY get it up and running and its still under construction as I still need to add Japanese text for all the items! But for now, I think is finally appropriate for a proper debut! This website showcases bio's of all my pokemon, (yes my pokemon have names and personalities)

My team's collections!

As well as featuring my side collections for these Pokemon and their evolutions:

Here you will find my entire collection, complete with pictures, pokemon info and detailed descriptions of each item.
Along with my sewing status which features who's under the needle, trade lists and terms, want list and much more! I hope this site will help those who collect the same pokemon as me, as well as give people some idea of what kind of merchandise is out there!

I want to be the queen when it comes to having the biggest Slakoth+Vigoroth+Slaking collection and Shroomish+Breloom collection out there!
I'll do my best to live up to the name SlothyShroom!!!

I hope everyone enjoys my site! It will be updated frequently, as well as my sewing status! Be sure to visit often! 

And if you would like to affliate with me please link your website in the comments! I'd love to trade! <333

I also thought It would be cool to show off some of my newest gets!


Breloom "Pokeball Reveal" Attack Reference Settei

Wow, who would of thought Gin would be awesome enough to find MORE Breloom settei?! Just so much yes, I'm so happy that one of Dawn's rivals had one on their team, allowing me to collect such beautiful settei. This is fromthe 11th season of Pokemon, "Diamond and Pearl: Battle Dimension".  The episode is called "Team Shocker!" This episode is about Dawn, Jessie and Kenny who enter the Solaceon Contest, As the contest gets underway, all of them pull off dazzling appeals. When the final eight are selected, Dawn is not included. Dawn congratulates Kenny and Jessie. The next day Zoey shows up and is ready to get Dawn back to winning form.  Since Kenny is involved,  you just know he's going to use his hella awesome Breloom. This scene shows off just how glamorous and pretty a Breloom can be and he's just coming out of his Pokeball here! I'm so happy to have this settei since Breloom is more of a fighter rather than a contest  favorite and having two different sides of this Pokemon in settei form is so amazing. I'm a proud Breloom collector.

Here's an actual screenshot from the episode "Team Shocker!".

Breloom "Mach Punch" Attack Reference Settei

Yeah, yeah, yeah! Breloom settei number 3! Oh, how I love my Loom Loom settei! This one is from "Journey to the Unown" from the "Diamond and Pearl:Battle Dimension" Series.The gang meet up with Kenny, where they have a battle in front of the Sloaceon Ruins. Kenny reveals his brand new Breloom. *Yay for Sinnoh Breloom of the series! <3* Ash wants to battle him, and Kenny agrees. During the battle Kenny shows off the move Energy Ball, which Ash immediately wants to teach Turtwig. Kenny agrees and the battle is called off to begin training. Baaaaw, why quit? You should of tore that Turtwig to shreds! Aw, I guess his mach punch is too strong for the turtle soup, just look at his face!!! Breloom was nice enough to take it easy on the little guy. I'm thrilled to have so many breloom settei's! Some from Sinnoh and others from Hoenn. :3 I know Breloom has been only in a few episodes and the Lucario movie, so I'm always on the look out for more pieces for my ever growing settei collection! Someday I'll find a Shroomish. ;3;

Here's an actual screenshot from the episode "Journey to the Unown",

Zubat/Golbat/Crobat Zukan

Oh wow, the only item I really wanted for this whole collection and I got it as payment for my services. ;w; I've been bidding on this zukan for months! Only to be out bid every time. I gave up on him for awhile since I knew he was from a rarer set and was well sought out for, then someone was nice enough to give it to me as payment for my plush. Thank you my plushies you have helped me get such an amazing and detailed item. :'3 I think I want to collect the other two bats now since their zukan pieces are just so gosh darn awesome. These guys are pretty big compared to my other zukan. Crobat is one big bat! D: LOVE This zukan to pieces.

And thats it for now. ;3 Hope you enjoyed my new gets and website! <333 I should have a new sales post up soon! Thanks for looking!


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