bloodthirstwolf (bloodthirstwolf) wrote in pkmncollectors,

anyone interested in doing a thinkchip GO?

So, this would be my first time doing anything GA/GB/GO related :o But first, would there be any interest in all of these thinkchips? The BIN is pretty expensive >.> so I'm thinking if maybe we price each thinkchip $6.25, then we can do a "Make an Offer" for $100+s&h.
To make this happen, there needs to be interest and dedicated buyers! I would be claiming Graveler if this happens, all the others would be available to everyone else (including the stadium if they'd like, just expect more shipping) :3  If this is not allowed, please tell me~
Just to reassure everyone, I have sales permission granted by lineaalba as of February 2010. Annd, here is my feedback page :)
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