Kanra (roihoxai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

General Question

Does anyone actually buy Pokedolls from ebay or do some of you go to the Nintendo World Store to get them? How much are you willing to pay for them off of ebay? Right now I have no problem going to the NWS when I want, but I'll be moving soon and I wonder if in the future I'll want to buy new releases and whatnot.

Unrelated, but here's some stuff I made.

Mareep Pillow~~

Baby Drifloon

A bad picture of the Drifloon hat I made.

lol awkward Floony.

Pretty awful unfinished Darkrai for my host family. sewing supplies where I lived in Japan were lacking.

Phanpy pincushion

Gengar hat... I couldn't get smile right.

Working on a Chikorita and more hats.
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