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I finally got something that I'd been waiting on for quite some time, so it's time for a collection update!

I sure hope there's some other manga collectors in this group. What I got to round out my collection was Diamond and Pearl Adventure! volume 8, the last volume. It's an incredible story and something more of you should be reading.

There's all my DPAs, plus some Japanese volumes and the English Pokemon Adventures releases, as well as Golden Boys and Get Da Ze!.

And behind them, my Japanese Pokemon Adventures! It's called Pokemon Special there so you may know it by that.

Kiddie books, Satoshi and Pikachu, Dengeki Pikachu (aka Electric Tale of Pikachu), a comic with Ash and Dawn that isn't on Bulbapedia yet, some 4Koma comics, a different, more recent series of 4Komas.

Some of these got cut off, sorry.
Pokemon Visual Guide, Tracey West episode books, Let's Find Pokemon, some magazine guides, some card game magazines with comics in them, a Learn English book, some game guides, a few pokedex books, Aim to be Battle King!, Aim to be Battrio Master!, Ginji's Rescue Team, a guide to various things like toys and the show, some magazine insert comic compilations, and How I Became A Pokemon Card. The paper on top is a Japanese ad for the Platinum card set.

Binder containing my unframed settei, binder with Team Rocket on it, movie 2 program book, Animerica magazine, partially used activity book, second movie guide, two all movies guides, movie 3 adaptation, Lugia episodes adaptation, Pikachu In Love, kiddie episode/character guide, whooooole bunch of animanga, movie 7 adaptation, more episode stuff, movie 5 animanga, movie 8 animanga, movie 8 adaptation (by the same mangaka as DPA), movie 9 adaptation, movie 10 adaptation, movie 2 animanga, another all movies guide, various smaller adaptations and novelizations of the films.
In the front are Jou's Big Adventure, Pokemon Try Adventure!, another magazine insert, and a small cute binder.

So that's my manga collection! At least what I have on my shelves. There's more that I have in another room in a box, but they're single issues so it's easier to sort them that way, but harder to photograph them.

So what's that? A lot of new manga? Let me share some of my favorite moments!

Ok so this isn't manga, but it's from the movie 2 program book. Damn why can't we get this stuff in other countries?

How I Became A Pokemon Card is an unusual manga insofar as it has no set main character. It's a series of short stories, and very rarely does anyone show up twice. One character, the little girl with the Eevee here, is in I believe four stories. But the focus here is Kaede, the Rocket agent. See, she has a little issue. She's terribly allergic. Her partner is a Gloom. Her mission is to invade Erika's gym. And then it turns out that Erika was a childhood friend of hers, blissfully unaware to Kaede's allergies ("Oh Kaede! You love flowers so much that snot comes out your nose!"). So Kaede turned bitter and hateful and Rockety and things became hilarious.

This right here. This is the big turning point in DPA. Lucas expy Hareta, after being forced to fight a heart-wrenching foe, confronts Cyrus in the Galactic lab. He's fought Cyrus twice before, and because of Hareta's naiveity, it took a while for it to sink in that this man is Bad News. But the issue here is that Cyrus sees Hareta as a threat not because he's the opposition, but because Hareta is a distraction. His innocent, cheerful nature represented a part of the world that Cyrus had dismissed as an illusion, and that realization threatened his own devotion to his cause. So in an effort to force Hareta to shed that illusion, Cyrus forced him into the aforementioned battle (which is a spoiler in and of itself) and ranted for eleven pages about the state of the world. Hareta's reaction is shown there--tears and compassion. "Could this boy, without a shadow of anger, truly care about everyone?" Cyrus wonders to himself.
Powerful stuff.

And now for something completely different. In Golden Boys, Gold and Crystal have to get through the Whirl Islands, but along the way they run afoul of Lugia. But finally they get it to calm down, and as they part ways, Gold shoots Lugia a thumbs up. Lugia returns it as best it can with what passes for its thumbs.

Pokemon Adventure is the most famous pokemon comic, known for an intricate plot and epic battles. This has nothing to do with that. In the first volume, Red visits the Pokemon Fan Club and is handed a newsletter.
Note that this is the second translation. The first included the word "shocking" in the headline.

And that's my manga presentation! I hope you enjoyed, and that you're interested in reading some!
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