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COMMING TOMY FIGURES and needed tomy figures for my partys. HELP ME PLEASE

hello pokemon collectors!
soon i will get 21 Tomy figures !!!...20 came from japan to usa an soon my father will bring them from usa to moscow and 1 i have already bought on ebay.
so here are the following tomys from japan:

and the tomy from ebay:

im trying to finish my dream party teams but i cant. Some of them arent tomys. So here they are:
1st party:

 (dont have)           (soon)                (soon)       (dont have)           (have)                (dont have)

2nd party:

(soon)                  (soon)              (soon)              (dont have)      (dont have)       (soon)

3rd party:

  (dont have)     (dont have)      (dont have)      (dont have)             (have)           (dont have)
for now thats all.

WANTED realy needed :

so if anybody could help me finishing my tomy partys please write to me
thank you!!!!
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