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Newbie here, Hello everyone and this is my collection (NOT for sale purpose)

First comes first, this Nidoking was the earliest pvc figure I got. I bought it when I was in the elementary school in China, my homeland.

Dialgia, released by TAKARA Tomy in MC series, was also bought at a price like $5 in China, but from an online store.

Then comes my fav fav fav ^_^ item, one paired figure of Latias and Latios released by Tomy in 2002, right after the publish of the movie, Guardian Gods of the Water City. Both two are partial transparent, which is so cool that I can not resist to buy them. It was like a $26. The width of Latios' wings is very large, by the way.ovo

Here go Cresallia and Giratina from Bandai Pokemon DP Super Get series( or Super Encyclopedia somewhere). They are know as pokemon figures on hex bases. Though they are not as big as normal MC figures, collect a couple of series will be a really cool show. Both of them were bought from a online store called hardrock-pokemon(.com) like a $6 each.

The last one is HUGE Arceus Vinvyl figure. I bought it on Ebay for $24( including $5 delivery fee). It is really big compared to a normal 5cm tall MC figure, nearly as tall as a normal Pokedoll. I guess all my other collections must show somehow a kind of respect to it. lol.

Last to last, this is a Dragonite pokedoll released by Branpesto I ordered recently, which will come within two weeks I believe. It does not have a tush tag, but it is so cute that I can not help bidding it on Ebay. I won it at $11.

Finally, thanks for all you guys watching. I will be very pleased to see your comments. I'm so happy to find this lovely community, and hope get some friends as well as some good deals. See ya~
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