evil_leprachaun (rere515) wrote in pkmncollectors,

final GA payment due!

buttribbons   tissuepaperpet   kyogres   senshi_of_ruin   queenofnarnia   cuddlefist   mewveechu   darkangellilith   kazmalop   renaissanced   larvitarscar   trickery   chibi_flare   dannydisco   distant_cry   poptartdino   euripus   anodyne_geno   pancakemonkey   sweetlemon911   6_05   eins_zwei_nein   theevilpotato   bladespark   anthonyjg10   ....do you want your kids?  Then send me your money :p  that's right, I'm finally ready to send these guys out.  SO here's what you do.  Send $2.37 to reretoy@gmail.com.  Please make the subject  KidsGA Final Payment: your username here.  Please put the kids you won in the note's body!  It will save me A LOT of work <3  I believe some of you have pending orders with me. Please let me know if this is you BEFORE you send me a payment so I can give you a more accurate total!


if you could please edit the spreadsheet (some have not edited to say they paid shipping from Japan to me.  If you have not paid this, please do so.  I will be double checking the list before I send things out so don't try to slip by =p) to say that you've paid it would help quite a bit.  the $2.37 is basically me charging you for a bubble mailer+fees since I sold off extra kids. woo exciting! 

Ok, that's all for now!
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