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when raikourai gets unique....

Hi everyone!
i was always like : i wanna make a custom pillow and plushie (especially manectric) and now i had the time and energy to make one:)))))
i planned to do a manectric plushie but i ended up making him. 
who exactly? find out
(sorry i totally forgot about rotating the pics...)

he's 20 inch tall and 9inch wide but anyway there is Nayo for size reference XDXD  and as for stuffing ..... i had to use a lot of :like empty 2 ugly and not wanted plushie + the cutted up unusable material ( i know i should have bought stuffing material at a shop but ive been hunting for normal non-spongy stuffing material for ages!! and i searched all ower my city and nothing still they only have spongyish stuffing and that sucks. so i had no choice but : let's cut and take the stuffing from my plushies!... )
so from that mix jolty pillow was created!

thanks for reading! hope you like it as much as i do! :3
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