Amber (ambertdd) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Okay awesome. T-J box came in today. :D It looks like everything is in pretty decent condition, some do still have hang tags too.

Invoice is under the cut, this includes original price, shipping to me, AND shipping to you! It's all in one payment since I took so long to get it to you guys. c:

There were slight discounts but the shipping to me ate up most of it. XD

I have not had a chance to run to the PO just yet, but hopefully next week I should be able to. They're going to hate me. I have so many decently sized boxes with this GA. |D

Invoice screenshot~

Link to auction:

ambertdd- Regigigas: $10.91
chibi_flare- Giratina Altered Forme Arm Clinger, Giratina Origin Forme Chibi UFO Catcher, Dragonite UFO Catcher: $25.03
stymphalid- Lucario UFO: $7.26
celebiii- DX Arceus UFO Catcher: $9.24
starlighteevee- Glaceon TOMY: $16.80
stormfaerie- Raikou UFO, Entei UFO (plus tissues from auction): $49.21
flag- DX Hooh UFO: $22.69
tyltalis- DX Staraptor UFO: $25.50
lunglock- Cyndaquil UFO Catcher, Small Chikorita UFO Catcher: $15.08
dark_tyranitar- Dive Ball UFO: $8.43
lunaeris- Mew Wristband: $2.81
jeansama- Celebi Puppet, Darkrai Plush, Land Forme Shaymin plush plus Deoxys Hand Puppet ($5): $22.32
buttribbons- Glaceon UFO: $70.75 ($18.40 for the GA, $50 for the custom plush slot, shipping for the custom plush will be after I make it)
piratea- Mini Chimchar Pokedoll: $13.29
tissuepaperpet- Skymin Plush: $4.69

Send payments to t-hardin(at) and include at the very least your USERNAME in the memo!
Tags: group auction
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