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Cheap Tiny sales!

Cheap sales under the cut - mainly small items and 3 old hasbro beanies!

All prices INCLUDE shipping to the USA, UK people please take off $1.50!!! (Im in the uk)

James figure, $7 includes shipping to USA

James bottle cap - No idea, offers please


Team rocket flats $6 shipped to usa


Green gyarados $7 shipped, chibi stamper $6 shipped to usa


Old hasbro beanies, no hang tag, gengar has a ripped tush tag =/ a friend gave me these and obviously treated them a bit badly, they need a good clean!

Offers please!


Stickers are $2 for the first sticker, 50c after that includes shipping. All custom by me, hand cut, I have 2x hoppip, 1x brock, 5x turtwig, 3x arceus, and 1 lucario/riolu


Custom shiny Raikou button, approx 1 inch, artwork by me, professionally made. I have about 10-15 of these left. $2 for the UK people (shipping inc), $5 for us people (Yes, royal mail is a rip off!!!!)


$1 each or free with purchase - Entei only has 3 fins at the moment, Im sure I know where the forth is but I cant guarentee it


Also, I will open 3 slots for artwork commissions. Each pokemon is drawn on bristol and coloured with prismacolours. Here is an example of the last set I did on DA:

Artwork commissions are $5 and postage will depend on where you are in the world!
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