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Baby's First BW Post

Please excuse me as I lazily copy-paste all of the BW-related posts I made to my personal collection journal (dreamshelf! I love visitors!) and turn them all into one huge pkmncollectors post!

Right now you might be asking yourself "Why does she have TWO lifesize Tsutarja plushies!?" when logically, what you SHOULD be asking yourself is "Why don't I have two lifesize Tsutarja plushies!?" (Actually, I did not originally intend for this to happen... let's just say I overestimated the rarity of these guys.)

This is Scratch! I picked her up at the Pokemon Center myself and traveled together back home with her, so she's quite special.

And this is Minty! While Scratch will be my snuggle companion, Minty will get the honor of staying in mint condition.

Some people seem to doubt the real lifesizeness of the officially declared lifesize starter plushies, but I believe them to be quite real. They only SEEM a lot larger because of their cartoony proportions. How does Tsutarja compare to say, Terriermon?


Anyway, I will be casually collecting Tsutarja since I don't have the guts to go all out for a starter! Here are some more goods I picked up:

Generic candy in a very cute plastic jar!

Scratch you so silly.

Tomy MC, now with rotating bases! The theme of gen 5 is GEARS, and they're actually quite nifty when connected. Here Tsutarja is with Kibago, the cutest baby dragon Pokemon yet.

A pen and a strap, both featuring the same figure.


I am a sap for small containers.

I never use stickers for anything, but I keep buying them... they have the new Terrier Pokemon in there!

Guess what I'll be using for thank you notes for future Pokemon sales~~


My plush dolls from the first series of Black/White plushies from the Pokemon Center that I forgot to photograph earlier! Here's the starter trio - Mijumaru, Pokabu, and Tsutarja.

Cute rodenty things Chillarmy and Emonga, and the cutest baby dragon introduced earlier, Kibago!

My Emonga has this little head tilt going on. Cute!

The regular-sized Tsutarja plush by Tomy! She is AMAZING.

The difference is astounding.

This seems obligatory.


Um what is this...

Peace does not last long when terriers are involved.

Terriers, you say? Why yes, it's the brand new terrier-based Pokemon, "Yooterii"! Not sure of its name's official Romanization yet, so we'll go with the spelled out katakana FOR NOW. I bought three because I'm a nut.

They don't stand up very well on their own, but DSes make good props for Nintendo-based toys, don't you think?


Chaoboo here is SO the best middle starter since Combusken.

He's like some kind of X-TREEM humpty dumpty awww yeaaahhh

Janovy here is the best middle Grass starter EVER!

Love her crazy heels and her useless little flipper hands. Her in-game animation is precious too!

PokeCenter Tsutarja with her thankfully more well-designed big sis.

And the Boos! I love Futachimaru a lot too, but not quite enough to get its plush version... ah well.

Tsutarja capsule machine straps!

Where I keep my Tsutarjas FOR NOW.


Banpresto's first Tsutarja plushies!

This is the Super DX plush, roughly 30 cm tall from head to toe. I like her a lot, she's nicely designed and a good size without being overwhelming. My only complaint is the fabric she's made of - it's my least favorite, the one that attracts hair and dust like a magnet.

And the regular version. She is SO cute and seems somewhat smaller than other regular Banpresto plushies, maybe due to her skinniness. I adore her extra curved nose!

So which Tsutarja plush is the BEST so far? ASIDE from the obvious winner, the lifesize one, of course. I think it's a tie between Tomy and normal Banpresto. Tomy has the best overall design, but Banpresto gets some major points for having eye highlights! Ah, it's hard to play favorites.


He's here! My first toy of my number one favorite gen five Pokemon, the veiny little construction worker clown DOKKORAA (official Romanization pending)! He is a custom made by flag since Dokkoraa doesn't have any official toys yet and I'm impatient. But if you look at official bell plushies, may I be so bold as to suggest he is BETTER than official?

To be honest, I actually can't quite decide on who I like better, Dokkoraa or Dotekkotsu (Roobushin is awesome too, but the other two are just cuter), but I keep leaning towards the former since he is just so adorable and has that whole awesome Electrode expression going on. I hope to find someone to make me a Dotekkotsu plush someday, but it might take a while since his bumpy head looks super tricky.

I adore the amount of detail put into his plank!

He looks perfect from every angle.

And look what he came with!! Thank you so much, flag! Everything is perfect!


UNTIL NEXT TIME. Thanks for looking!
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