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First Gen5 update/Long awaited get/Shipping Update

Sooo! I have some pretty amazing items I've gotten lately. This is a very special update as it includes my very first Generation 5 gets! It also has an item that I've been wondering about for awhile now, and is now a mystery solved! So please click to cut to see my new additions! :D


First up is Ranpuraa.


But I thought a Ranpuraa plush wasn't released yet??


Oh that explains it! XD;;; It's a custom Usakochan plushie. I won him in her recent auctions, and it was such a heated bid war ;; I really think it was the most intense bid war I have ever been. When I first saw these plush I happened to be on my friends page, and scrolled down. I was taken a back I thought the Pokemon Center had released Halloween plushies after all! But then I saw who the post was by ;D And I knew Ranpuraa (my favorite of the line) had to be mine.

Ranpuraa joins my other Usakochan plushies, Ophelia and Miley.



Siblings of some sorts? XD;

Going on with Gen5, I got some deer in!


My shikijika stamp came in from Gin! :D It is soo cute and I love the new design for retsuden stamps!!

Also got some brand new stickers, some of the very first merchandise released!!


These came from the lovely pheonixxfoxx :D The smaller glittery one is on my new phone ^o^ I'm saving the bigger one for my 3DS ;D

And next up from Gin again is snake with boots! Thats his name yep XD




He's such an awesome plush!! Its rare that I like the starters but I really like the Tsutarja line!! Its so rare that the middle and final evos get plush, and even more rare the same *line* of plush! I will try to pick up King Snake when he comes out but..well..deer in the same line will make it hard haha. Oh Gen5 you are already killing my wallet <33

Lets flash back to Gen2 though! With my main collection of Umbreon.


This lil guy came in the mail and I was totally taken aback. I had not ordered this, or even seen it for sale. But I knew the item. I knew the talented artist who made it, kiaraslemon, and I knew she entered it in the original custom bell plush contest!

But still the question was where did it come from?? My good friend happyjolteon surprised me!! I couldn't believe it and I thank her so much. This is such an amazing piece for me to add to my customs, I love bell plush so much, and I love this plush to bits!

And lastly, I recently held a group auction for some charms. I thought that one charm might be Espeon, which I wanted for a close friend of mine.....but to my shock it happened to be......


A totally mint in package Umbreon set!!

You see I have always wondered what the Umbreon set entailed ever since I knew it existed! I had never seen one together...

I must admit I am puzzled as to the connection of the Pokemon though! Most sets tend to correlate to a movie, or person, or something but I can't tie these three together! Anyone know?

It is certainly a welcome addition to my collection, and I reallly need to update my webpage XD;;

Anyway thank you for checking out my updates! Ranpuraa and Umbreon bell plush say byebye!


And now for those of you waiting on packages from me!

Everything has been packed up :D They will go out early next week, as I have to work in the morning all this week, and unfortunately won't have time to go to the post office. Very very busy, but I work at a toy store so...yeah lol. Anyway I'm really excited to get you all your packages because I know you will love your items :)

You can ask me anything you want as well, Im always open for questions.

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