Okapifeathers (okapifeathers) wrote in pkmncollectors,

taking offers

Mr. Vexen is ready to move on...

Mr. Vexen is a good friend of mine. He's mostly sat around on a shelf, and since I've stopped collecting Glaceon, I figure someone else might appreciate him more. You can see his tag remainders and his size in the pics. He is made by Tomy. :)

I have no idea what to price him at, so I'll be taking offers until I accept one. Yes, he comes with the bow.

Shipping is $5, and $7 within Canada and outside of the USA. Please offer INCLUDING SHIPPING.

Red base zoroark zukan is brand new and I can give you a picture if you'd like. I'm not sure what to sell him for either, but shipping will be the same as above. So... offer on him as well?

So to whoever wins him, take good care. <3

Tags: glaceon, sales, zoroark
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