jchance1986 (jchance1986) wrote in pkmncollectors,

First Collection Post!!

Well my friends it has taken me along time to get everything somewhat in order! I just started back to collecting Pokemon and my Vileplume and Gloom and all grass pokemon! im so happy to have found this community and Hope you all like my collection. And there is a list of my wants in case someone has something I must have lol!!!

Lots of pic!!

This is my entire Collection from a far.

My little cube with my Vileplume figures and Erika TCG based decks. Bell plush, and vileplume friends. I love them all!!

A close up of the top stuff.

Close up of inside cube

I also have alot of old Japanese Cards and TCG cards as part of my growing collection!!!

These are all the Vileplumes in TCG Japanese and English

This is my Kanto gym leaders masterpiece! it has all the gym leaders Holo trainer card and Atleast one of their Holo pokemon cards!!!

Since I lover Erika this is all of her cards that they made! including a Gloom and Vileplume fliping coin!

This is my Kanto gym leaders collection for them seperatly! These are all of their pop id cards from TCG leauges and their badges! ( some have the very old badges and all of them have the 2007 badges) and thier cards.!

these are my gloom and Vileplume japanese cards from back in the day! there are some old stickers too! o and poor little oddish too!!

I love all grass pokemon and here are the other cards I have! looking for weepinbell anybody!! :)

so cute had to have it!

and lastly but not leastly my Big Plume plushs! I have two and one more on way soon! i love them so much! so much in fact i want as many as i can! i want a flower field of them!! :)

Thats it FOR NOW!! i also have 3 more card holders full of grass holo pokemon TCGS!!! just have to find a place for them!!


I am always looking for things to add to my collection!!!! I am at the time looking for any rainbowbadge especially the set with erika and Vileplume!! any Vileplume or Gloom pin or Chram for the johtodex series. If you have any Vileplume or Gloom stuff please let me know! even if i already have it!! I always want extras!!!! Thanks so much for looking i want to see your collections too!!
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